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  • LightCage

LightCage FAQs

What is the LightCage?

The Esper LightCage is a geodesic frame, with integrated power distribution that can hold 156 MultiFlash lights. The MultiFlash lights can be programmed to create the perfect lighting conditions for capturing images suitable for processing into high resolution 3D meshes and textures.

What are the applications for the LightCage?

The LightCage can be used for any application where a subject needs accurately lighting from multiple directions. LightCages have been used to capture image data that can be used for photometric measurements, 3D mesh and texture generation and cultural heritage preservation techniques such as reflectance transformation imaging.

What does the LightCage come with?

The LightCage comprises of a 2.5m geodesic structure with integrated power distribution, 160 ESPER MultiFlash lights, Esper ControllerBox, LightCageController software a multi region power supply unit and all connection cabling. We can also supply additional hardware for image capture systems. Please contact us to talk through the options.

How do cameras synchronise with the LightCage?

The LightCage is supplied with a ControllerBox which can send or receive trigger signals from stills and machine vision cameras. It also accepts frame sync / genlock signals from video cameras.

What is the diameter of the LightCage?

We can tailor the exact diameter of the LightCage to suit the space available we'd recommend 2.3m ø diameter if you can fit it in as it doesn't feel too claustrophobic and fits in most rooms. at 2.3m ø you'd be looking at the subject being an average of 1.15m from the camera. So on a full frame camera with a 100mm lens, the head will fill the frame nicely.

What’s the maximum number of cameras that can be mounted on the LightCage?

The 2.5m LightCage is capable of mounting up to 150 DSLR type cameras. Camera mounting hardware is available on request.

How does the cross polarisation work?

The MultiFlashes fitted on the LightCage have three LED's one with a vertically aligned polariser, one with a horizontally aligned polariser and one unpolarised. Once you align the filters on the lens of the camera you then program the MultiFlashes to switch between the different LED's and you capture the subject under the different polarisation states.

What software is supplied with the LightCage?

The LightCageController software comes bundled with the LightCage - allowing the programming and control of each lighting unit and the accurate synchronisation with the image capture system.

Do you build custom LightCages?

Custom builds are something we specialise in. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can the LightCage be installed?

Yes, we install worldwide. Contact us for more details.

Our LightCage is enabling art and history museum curators, to scan objects of significant historical value for advanced archeological and historical research, as well as the development of digital exhibits for wider access to their artefacts.