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State-of-the-Art Lighting System for Photorealistic 3D Face Scanning & Detailed Surface Texture Capture.

The ESPER LightCage is the most advanced lighting system for 3D face scanning on the market. Transform the quality and efficiency of your 3D scanning with a lighting rig which enables the recovery of detailed surface texture data. Available fully installed and supported, worldwide.

Unrivalled performance for hi-res geometry and texture capture

The LightCage can replay GI and spherical lighting gradients that allow for the retrieval of accurate 3D geometry along with the generation of specular, diffuse and normal maps.

Capture 360 degrees instantaneously

The ESPER LightCage is a geodesic frame with integrated power distribution that is typically deployed with 156 MultiFlash lights. The frame is capable of mounting up to 150 cameras around the subject. When combined with rapidly cycled lighting sequences this allows the rapid capture of image data from every conceivable angle.

Unparalleled lighting control

The ESPER MultiFlash has been specifically designed for use in multi-camera capture. Flash duration and intensity can be controlled independently and the flash offset can be accurately controlled to allow precise synchronisation with the capture system. The MultiFlash comes configured with polarising filters, RGB filters can be fitted on request.

Microsecond synchronisation

The lighting states can be tightly synchronised with stills, video and machine vision camera systems, allowing for the rapid, reliable and accurate capture of an actors performance.

Pipeline-ready images

The LightCage creates even and accurate lighting states to optimise photometric data capture supporting the production of high quality photorealistic assets. The captured images require minimal clean-up and are pipeline-ready for processing.

LightCage controller software

The LightCage controller software has been designed for ease of operation. No complex programming is required. No laborious command-line input or time draining second guessing. ESPER’s LightCage Controller software has been designed to maximise usability, certainty and efficiency.

  • Intuitive point-and-click User Interface
  • Program each LED individually.
  • Configure up to 32 sequence steps for each light, every step holds a flash duration and dimming value for each of the three LED’s
  • Precisely synchronise with video, stills and machine vision cameras using different frame rates and offsets.
  • Preset illumination patterns are available.


With a LightCage it is possible to emulate the pioneering techniques developed by Paul Debevec and the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies for generating diffuse maps, specular maps, normal maps. It is worth noting that some techniques may require licensing which can be facilitated through ESPER.


Completely controllable multi-directional lighting perfectly synced with stills, video or machine vision cameras

Lighting states can be programmed and accurately synced with any image capture system to produce data sets that provide accurate 3D reconstructions and detailed surface detail and texture information.


Flicker-Free Dimming at high frame rates

The LightCage’s MultiFlash lights have been designed to provide flicker free operation throughout their entire dimming range demonstrated here at 300fps

Technical Specs

  • A self supporting geodesic dome structure.
  • Integrated ESPER power distribution hubs.
  • 6mm slots allow for a range of mounting and attachment points for camera, lighting and ancillary equipment.
  • Our standard LightCage system is 2.5m diameter. Custom sizes and configurations are available upon agreed specification.
  • Diameter


  • Height


  • Total structure weight (not including lights)

    125 Kg

  • Total system weight (including lights and cabling)

    220 Kg

Technical Spec: Integrated Power Distribution Hubs

  • Power Input

    1x NEUTRIK TRUE1 inlet/outlet

  • Power Output

    6 x 4Pin DIN / 5 x 4Pin DIN

  • Fuse

    1 x 20A at 48VDC

  • Mounting

    M6 mounting holes

  • Dimensions

    190mm w x 56mm h x 190mm d

  • Weight


  • Enclosure

    Impact resistant Makrolon Polycarbonate

  • Finish

    Matt Black Textured, hard-shell

  • Body

    CNC formed, 5251 Aluminium, matt black anodised

Technical Spec: Smart Photogrammetry Lighting Flash

  • Total Light Output

    2484 Lumen

  • Colour Temperature (CCT)


  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

    Typ 92

  • Beam angle

    (FWHM) 16°

  • Variable Flash Duration

    60µS to 30mS

  • Power Input


  • Peak Power Consumption


  • Weight


  • Enclosure

    Impact resistant Makrolon Polycarbonate with 5251 Aluminium Face Plate

  • Enclosure Finish

    Matt Black Textured

  • Face Plate Finish

    Matt Black Anodised

  • Power Input

    5VDC (250mA)

Camera Compatibility

Contact closure camera inputs and outputs are supported for stills cameras and Machine Vision setups. The LightCage Controller can also sync to incoming Genloc / Tri-sync signals.

Custom Projects

Whether you require a photogrammetry rig, volumetric capture system or a texturing process for laser scan data we’d love to talk about your project. Fill in the form and we will contact you within two business days to discuss your needs.

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