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Good news for Breeze and ESPER TriggerBox users.

Breeze DSLR Remote Pro Multi Camera v2.0 update brings more features and adds improved functionality for multi-camera photo booths.

The update comes with a new live preview of multi-camera photos, integration with ESPER TriggerBoxes, easier multiple cameras control and calibration, and post-processing screen customization!

New Multi-Camera v.2.0 control software features:

Breeze multi camera control software

Photo booth mode

The new mode allows guests to see themselves pose live on the screen.

Includes an automated countdown for taking multi-camera photos.

Start the action and view the animated GIF/movie on the screen.

Also, you can customize and brand video/GIFs in the processing screen.

settings multiple cameras

Integrated control for ESPER TriggerBox

Now fully integrated with ESPER TriggerBoxes.

Quickly adjust the delay, shutter and focus settings of multiple TriggerBoxes.

TriggerBox will fire all the cameras at the end of the countdown of the live view display.

Also compatible with the new Photo Booth Mode.

 multi camera software alignment

Improved automatic multi-camera alignment

Adjust all cameras in the setup with a faster and easier to use point and click feature.

The calibration automatically scales and rotates photos when aligning the cameras.

Now compatible with more cameras

New Breeze multi-camera control software version is now compatible with:

  • 2000D / 1500D / Rebel T7 / Kiss X90
  • 4000D / 3000D
  • M50 / Kiss M

Note: The Canon ESO 3000D / 4000D / M50 models are not recommended for multi-camera setup. This is because they lack of remote release sockets and support for external power (3000D / 4000D only).

Ready to test new features?

TriggerBox v1.3 firmware is now available and is required to access the new features in their development of Multi-Camera v2.0. See this guide for firmware update instructions.

The new multi-camera control software version is a free upgrade for all registered Breeze users who purchased license on or after 25th July 2017. Head over to Breeze website and download the latest update.

Learn more about Breeze DSLR Remote Pro Multi Camera control software and download a 15-day trial of the program to try for yourself.

Learn more about the ESPER TriggerBox.

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