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We build photogrammetric 3D scanning systems & multi-camera technology

State-of-the-art photogrammetric 3D scanning systems & multi-camera technology for game & VFX studios, academia, advertising, cultural heritage, scanning services & bullet-time photography.

The industry's most advanced Lighting System for 3D scanning.

Transform the quality and efficiency of your 3D scanning with the ESPER LightCage which enables the recovery of detailed surface texture data. Available fully installed and supported, worldwide.

Multi-camera TriggerBox and PowerBox solutions

Redefine your creativity. ESPER equipment provides greater control than ever for programmable triggering and powering of multi-camera systems

You're in good company when using ESPER products

We’re big fans of ESPER products having used them for our photogrammetry rigs at Avalanche Studios. Absolutely love how easy to use and top notch quality they are.


3D Scanning Rigs Adapted to Your Needs

We produce lighting and synchronisation hardware for multi-camera systems. We are specialists in the acquisition of high-quality image data to help you produce great 3D content. Our systems have been used to generate 3D assets in a wide range of fields; gaming, VFX, e-commerce, cultural heritage preservation, academic research, terrain mapping, forensics and full body scanning. Scanning rigs can be specified to suit your exact requirements, we can incorporate stills, video and machine vision cameras in conjunction with data management systems and polarised lighting to quickly generate the right outputs for your pipeline. Whether you require a photogrammetry rig, volumetric capture system or a texturing process for laser scan data we’d love to talk about your project.